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Passion 8 Hearts and Arrows


A Passion8 Diamond says everything, without saying a word.
Every one of our unique works of art and love are studies of perfection – in polish, symmetry and proportion. Each is a story yet to be told; a story that needs you to provide an ending, which in itself will be a beginning.
All Passion8 diamonds are precision-perfect gemstones that we cut to exact and mathematically proven proportions.
The result is an exquisite diamond of singular finish, completeness and beauty; a splendour that is as timeless as the process that created them.


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Accompanying every Passion8 diamond is the Passion8 authenticity card.


Each purchase of a Passion8 round or cushion cut diamond includes a Passion8 scope. The special scope allows you to view the sensational patterns of hearts and arrows


What’s more, each Passion8 diamond of 0.30cts and over, is provided with the world’s most respected international independent Gemmological Report namely GIA

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are all Passion8 Diamonds conflict free?

Yes every Passion8 Diamond is guaranteed to be conflict free.

Are all Passion8 Diamonds Laser Inscribed?

Every Passion8 Diamond larger than 0.30ct are GIA laser inscribed.

Authenticity Card?

Accompanying every Passion8 diamond is the Passion8 authenticity card (a credit card-sized birth certificate). The authenticity card records all the essential details about your precious Passion8 diamond. It also ensures you have purchased the genuine article.

Can I design my own Passion8 Ring?

Yes, you can bring in your own design or have one of our expert jewellers create your very own unique creation to suit your taste and create your very own dream ring , earrings or pendant featuring a Passion8 diamond.

Carat Weight?

The industry determines the size of a diamond by weight, measured in carats.
One diamond carat weighs 200 milligrams. The industry weighs smaller diamonds using a point system, with every 100 points being equal to 1 carat.
Larger diamonds are rarer than smaller diamonds, so all other factors being equal, a single 1-carat stone is worth more than four quarter carat stones put together. However, the worth of a diamond is determined by all of the first four Cs. Size alone does not determine value.


Another important factor defining the value of Passion8 diamonds is that we send each of our gemstones to an internationally recognised and respected independent gemological trade laboratory for identification and grading.
For your assurance,we sell each Passion8 diamond with its unique Gemological Institute of America (GIA) diamond grading and identification report certificate.This independent assessment verifies each diamond’s unique value-determining characteristics, such as color,clarity and carat weight.


Clarity refers to how perfect the stone is. Almost all diamonds have some internal imperfections (such as pinpoints and crystals) called inclusions, and some external blemishes (such as scratches and chips) or both.
The fewer flaws a gemstone has, the higher its clarity grade and the more valuable it is.
Most diamonds have flaws that the naked eye can see only with the help of high-powered magnification. These flaws do not affect the splendor of the diamond.


Diamonds come in a variety of colours, ranging from rare, clear diamonds to those that have a yellow or brown tint. The less colour, the higher the grade.
A universal colour scale classifies diamonds from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown).
Diamonds without colour are rare. Most diamonds used in jewellery are nearly colourless, with pale tints of yellow or brown.


Like the passion of true love, diamonds are everlasting. So it is vital to make sure that when you purchase a diamond you receive the everlasting value that can only come from having the utmost confidence in your selection.
Passion8 was created with one underlying principle–confidence based on the quality of a superior product.The beauty and brightness of a Passion8 diamond inspires this confidence.

Cut ?

The most defining characteristic of any diamond is its cut. This determines the symmetry of the stone, its overall proportions and its ability to reflect light.
How a jeweller cuts and polishes a diamond will affect the amount of sparkle and brilliance that comes from the stone when it interacts with light.
How light strikes the surface, how much enters the diamond and in what form that light returns to your eye– cut dictates all this and more.
A polished diamond’s proportions affect its light performance, which in turn affects its beauty and appeal.

Do Passion8 Diamonds come with a certificate?

Yes, every Passion8 Diamond above 0.30ct comes with a GIA certificate  and a Passion8 Diamond Authenticity Card

Does Passion8 cut different shaped diamonds?

Yes Passion8 Diamonds come in traditional ROUND Brilliant cuts (each one exhibiting 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows) and traditional Princess cuts.

GIA Certificate?

GIA is the world’s most respected international independent Gemmological Report namely a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) report. This independent assessment reports on the diamonds unique value-determining characteristics, like colour, clarity, carat weight and so on.

How do I insure my Passion8 Diamond and Jewellery?

Every Passion8 Diamond above $1000 will come with its first year’s insurance free of charge, all stockists will take a few minutes to set activate the policy from the minute you leave the store you can rest assure that your jewellery is covered by one of Australia’s leading insurance companies.

Visually do all diamonds of the same weight look similar?

When a diamond is too deep it may very well weigh 1.00ct but visually look like 0.85ct ask yourself do I want a diamond that weighs 1.00ct or one that looks like a 1.00ct, when you buy a Passion8 Diamond, you can rest assure that the perfection in the cut will guarantee that the diamond visually looks the size it should, don’t get caught out and over pay for a diamond that is poorly cut and should be priced accordingly.

What colour and clarity are Passion8 Diamonds available in?

All Passion8 stockists are able to supply a Passion8 Diamond to suit any budget, all stockists can supply the colour and clarity of your choice.

What Shapes are available in Passion8 Diamonds ?

Round Brilliant Cut , Princess Cut and  Cushion cut .

What makes a Passion8 Diamond different to a traditional diamond?

Every Passion8 diamond is cut to exact and perfect mathematical proportions, each perfectly cut facet acts like a mirror reflecting light in the perfect direction resulting in the ultimate light performance, when dirty every Passion8 diamond will perform 2-3 shades of colour whiter than an averagely cut diamond.

With only the best technology and the finest cutters in the industry every Passion8 diamond has the perfect cut, perfect polish and perfect symmetry, the recipe needed to guarantee unblemished light performance that will last a lifetime.

What size do Passion8 Diamonds start from?

Passion8 Diamonds start from less than half a point (0.005ct); every Passion8 Diamond over 0.30ct will have a GIA certificate and an Authenticity card proving that they are in fact a true Passion8 Diamond and not a copy.

Which of the four c’s are the most important?

Colour, Clarity and carat weight are dictated by nature, CUT on the other hand is the only of the 4 c’s that man has full control over, therefore Cut is the most important.

Every Passion8 Diamond is cut by hand, with state of the art technology and by the most experienced craftsman in the world that invest generations of teaching and experience to achieve the perfect cut resulting in the brightest diamond.Every Passion8 round brilliant cut diamond will exhibit 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows, the fingerprint and signature that visually exhibits its perfect alignment of every facet group.

Will all diamonds with a GIA triple excellent certificate have hearts and arrows?

No GIA triple excellent does not mean that a diamond is perfectly cut, in fact most diamonds with a triple excellent certificate will not have hearts and arrows, every Passion8 Diamond will exhibit 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows, this is the pattern that one can see when every facet and facet group is cut perfectly resulting in the brightest diamond available. Passion8 diamonds are cut to exact and precise angles where most certificates are looking at the average angles and proportions of facet groups. Therefore many triple excellent diamonds may appear dark and not perform well. Every Passion8 Diamond guarantees the best light performance with zero tolerance for error.

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