G-Shock MudMaster

G-Shock MudMaster

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Discover the latest models of G-Shock known as Mudmaster which has the capacity to resist the mud which ensures that nothing can enter into the watch under tough conditions as well.

G- shock has been innovating since it started in 1983 and we’re proud to be able to offer a range of G- shock watches in Sydney.

The Reasons G-Shock Mudmaster Watches from Sydney are an Excellent Investment

Although G-Shock has a long tradition of producing watches of the very highest quality, it has always been keen to innovate at every opportunity.

That’s been true from its formation and to this day it is still developing new and advanced functionality combined with the use of high-tech materials.

G-Shock has always majored on resistance, producing watches that are resistive, stylish and have a wide range of appearances. Equipped with textured watch band, and mud resistant cylindrical Guard structure, they give the classical finishing with attractive look. Mudmaster’s ability to handle hard impact and continuous vibration sets it apart from other Master of G watches. It’s also why the watch is so popular among soldiers, EMS operators, police officers, and construction workers operating heavy machinery. If you’re a hunter, fisher or an outdoor/off-roading enthusiast, this bad boy is made for you. They are available as solar or non-solar and with a variety of straps and bracelets to suit every taste.

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All G-shock watches have high quality Swiss movements and sapphire crystal glass. The range includes both men’s and women’s watches, sports collections and watches for all occasions.

  • Mudmaster is one of its latest and most innovative developments is the G-Shock that features the Triple Sensor with compass bearing, altimeter/barometer, and thermometer. It also has Tough Solar charging and Multi-Band 6 radio time synchronization along with the standard shock and water resistance (200 meters).
  • The new Mudmaster is a tactical-looking watch that combines advanced technical features with extreme durability and takes the analogue-style G-Shock to another level.

The wide range of attractive, functional and reliable watches means obtaining a G-Shock Mudmaster watch from our Sydney store is a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

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Tissot Watches

Tissot Watches


Tissot has been the official timekeeper responsible for timing in several sports including MotoGP, ice hockey, cycling, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) the Fencing World Championships, the Women’s National Basketball Association, for many years. Tissot brand ambassadors have included: Tony Parker, Liu Yi Fei, Virat Kohli, Deepika Padukone, Huang Xiaoming, Jorge Lorenzo, Thomas Lüthi, Neha Kakkar, Marc Márquez and Rana Daggubati.


The watches sold all over the world, enable Tissot to be the leader in the traditional Swiss watch industry, exporting more than 4 million watches every year. The high quality of the brand with every component is recognized worldwide.


Tissot watches have every style covered, including sport, dress, and everything in between. If you are looking for a luxury watch within your budget, Tissot can be a perfect choice as they offer the best quality and numerous models. The Tissot is positioned as a luxury watch brand in the mid-price range, with timepieces priced as low as around $500, it has introduced innovations that even top brands would have been proud of.

Tissot is a luxury watch brand from Switzerland. Since 1983, Tissot belongs to the Swiss conglomerate Swatch Group. Tissot introduced the first mass-produced pocket watch and the first pocket watch with two time zones in 1853 and the first anti-magnetic watch in 1929–30. These Swiss watches are known for their sophisticated details and high-quality components.




The Tissot T-Complication Squelette is modernity meeting meticulous craftsmanship with this hand-wound, mechanical skeleton movement visible through the dial. Luxurious finishes and design details seamlessly link tradition with contemporary styling for wearers who appreciate the complexity of a superb timepiece.



The Tissot Seastar 1000 merges style and performance without compromising either. The diving inspiration shapes both the appearance and the functionality of this watch. It maintains its performance to a pressure of 30 bar (300m/1’000ft), combining underwater sports and a preference for a sophisticated Swiss timepiece. The diving theme continues through elements such as a unidirectional bezel, a strap with a divers’ buckle and extension, plus luminescent hands and markings.


To check the full collection, simply click on the here to check out all the Tissot collections.

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Citizen History

Citizen History

Our History

Since its foundation in 1918, CITIZEN has promoted a global, multicultural mindset that fosters excellence and creativity. In 2015 CITIZEN Watches Australia marks its 50th anniversary, celebrating half a century of improving the lives of everyday Australians with innovative, world-class watches. As citizens of the world, we make it our responsibility to help cultivate a culture of positive change and ongoing evolution through our craft. We take this mission seriously and eagerly welcome what the future may bring.

As a true manufacture d’horlogerie, CITIZEN integrates a comprehensive manufacturing process that extends from creating a watch’s individual components to its final assembly.

1930 Tanashi Factory




The factory at the beginning

A history of innovation

Our 84-year company history of world firsts includes watchmaking innovations such as radio-controlled and satellite-synchronised timekeeping. A pivotal advance was the development of a revolutionary light-powered technology, Eco-Drive, which CITIZEN pioneered well ahead of other watch manufacturers – as early as 1976. Using electrical power converted from virtually any light source, this extraordinary innovation changed forever the way watches could be powered. Eco-Drive eliminates the need to replace batteries, making it especially beneficial in areas where specialised batteries are not available. This advance increases the availability and usability of CITIZEN watches, allowing more people the experience of enjoying our crafted timepieces.

In 1924, the Shokosha Watch Research Institute produced its first “CITIZEN” and ever Mayer of Tokyo Mr. Shimpei Goto, named the watch “CITIZEN” and ever after this was adopted as the mane of the company. Since its founding in 1930, the company has achieved many milestones such as:

1924 : The first pocketwatch, the first pocket watch made at Shokosha Watch Research Institute, forerunner of Citizen Watch Co.,Ltd. Mr.Shinpei Goto, the Mayor of Tokyo at that time, named the pocketwatch “Citizen” in hopes of being popular and loved by citizens in the world.



Mayer of Tokyo Mr. Shimpei Goto


First Watch


Production scene at Tanashi factory

1930 : “Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.” established taking the idea to the company name.


1931 : Citizen’s first men’s wristwatch. The market was in transition to a wristwatch.


1936 : Tanashi Factory, it was established in 1936 for greater mass-production line to correspond with the market’s high demand


1935 Model K

1956 Parashock Challenge public demonstration

1956 : The first domestic watch with “Parashock” technology. The experimental event for the testing of this watch, involved dropping it from a helicopter in Osaka, 30 meters above ground and was not damaged upon impact. The same experiment was held countrywide afterwards.


1958 : The first domestic watch with alarm, a built-in hammer beats the case back for about 10 seconds at the set time.

1959 : The first domestic waterproof watch ,”Parawater”.


1960 : The first domestic watch for the visually impaired. Sold and also donated.


1960 : The first domestic watch for the visually impaired. Sold and also donated.


1959 Parawater Experimental Tools

1959 Parawater Buoy Challenge

1959 Parawater Experiment

1959 Parawater Watch

1962 : The world’s thinnest men watch at that time, the movement as thin as 2.75mm.


1963 : The world’s smallest ladies watch (at that time).


1966 : The first domestic electronic watch, “X-8”.


1967 : World’s first transistorized electronic quartz clock, “Crystron”.


1971 : Tuning fork electronic watch “Hi-Sonic” marketed.


1974 : Analog quartz watch ” Citizen Quartz Crystron”.


1976 : The world’s first quartz watch being accurate within 3seconds per year. Limited qty of 3,000pcs. Case and band were made from 18K.


1976 : In the birth of Solar-powered watches , “Citizen Quartz Crystron Solar Cell”.


1978 : Thin quartz watch with movement less than 1.00mm thick.


1978 : The first domestic combination quartz watch. One movement holds the function of both analogue and digital ,”Citizen Quartz Digi-Ana”. Being innovative, it sold more than 1 million pieces.


1989 : The CITIZEN Promaster collection was launched.


1989 : The world’s first watch being able to measure altitude and air pressure. Was ideal for outdoor usage.


1982 : The world’s first quartz divers watch with water resistance to 1300m.


1986 : The annual production quantity of movement become World’s No.1.


1987 : The world’s first digital quartz with sound recognition. Could operate the watch or by voice.

1993 : World’s first multi-zone ” Radio-Controlled Watch”.


1995 : The world’s first analogue solar watch with alarm chronograph and “The Citizen”


1996 : Light-energy powered ” Eco-Drive” watch obtained ” Eco Mark”.


1998 : “Promaster Eco-Drive Duo”, world’s first hybrid power system watch (light power and movement power).


1999 : “Attesa Eco-Drive Radio-Controlled Watch” for Japan marketed.


2000 : Premium watch series ” Campanola Collection” marketed.


2000 : Eco-Drive with transparent solar cell. Minute solar cells are situated under the cover glass. Opened up design possibilities of the dial.


2001 : Universal design watch “MU” marketed.


2002 : Uses the world’s smallest module that time.


2002 : The world’s thinnest Eco-Drive watch, Stiletto, at that time, as thin as 4.4mm.


2003 : World’s first full metal case Radio Controlled watch with built-in antenna.


2005 : World’s smallest Radio-Controlled watch movement, only 20.8mm x 3.5mm.


2006 : In the analog radio clock Full Metal Eco-drive radio launched the world’s thinnest watch.


2007 : Eco-drive radio clock world time released a high-sensitivity receiver provides three areas in Japan, the U.S. world.


2008 : In addition to the three areas worldwide United States and Europe, launched the World Time Eco-drive radio clock radio capability to receive the new Chinese standards.


2008: CITIZEN bought Bulova Watch Company.


2009 : In 2009 BASELWORLD, Eco-Drive Dome, the concept model, was released.


2010 : In 2010 BASELWORLD, concept Eco-Drive Loop and Eco-Drive Eyes were released.


2011 : In 2011 BASELWORLD, the world’s first satellite synchronized watch, Eco-Drive SATELLITEWAVE was released.


2012 : In 2012 BASELWORLD, concept models Eco-Drive Luna and Eco-Drive Nova was released.


2013 : In 2013 BASELWORLD flagship model Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE -AIR was released.


2014 : CITIZEN launched it’s first global brand statement “BETTER STARTS NOW”.


2015 : CITIZEN first global campaign: ” CHASING HORIZONS” wins Gold Lion and Silver Lion at Cannes Lion 2015.




2016 : CITIZEN marks 40th anniversary of its proprietary light-powered technology with Eco-Drive.


2016: CITIZEN Flagship Model for 2016 “CITIZEN Eco-Drive One”


2017 : Citizen Celebrates 25th Anniversary as the Official Timekeeper of the U.S. Open and Announces Partnership with Tennis Icon, Billie Jean King.


2018: “We Celebrate Time” event commemorating CITIZEN’s 100th anniversary.


2018 : CITIZEN nominates tennis Pro Naomi Osaka as New BRAND AMBASSADOR.

Caliber 0100

2019 : CITIZEN introduces “Caliber 0100” – New Eco-Drive watchesfeaturing the world’s most accurate time-keeping of within ±1 second per year.Three new models with limited quantity worldwide.


2019 : Marking the 30th Anniversary of PROMASTER, CITIZEN launches “Save the BEYOND” Campaign.


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Rado Watches at Linda & Co

Rado Watches at Linda & Co

Rado Watches

Discover the latest design of Rado Watches  at Linda & Co. Being the authorised retailer of Rado,  You can buy various products  either online or from the store with Linda & Co.

Rado is itself a  luxury watch brand with many outstanding qualities t offer. They are well known in the watch world for their innovative use of material. With more than a century’s worth of experience and having pioneered the use of ceramics in watchmaking, Rado has earned its spot at the top. Even  Rado Brand got award with the prestigious iF Design Award for their True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier collections. Some of the collections of Rado watches  includes Captain Cook, Diastar Original, Coupole Classic. True Thinline, True Square, Hyperchrome Classic and so on  which you can purchase with Linda & Co in affordable price.

Based in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado may be a high range Swiss producing company. Rado pioneers in creating scratch-resistant watches. With the workers of 470 in total, the corporate manufactures during a year nearly 1,000,000 watches. The brand’s watches are oversubscribed in more than almost 150 continents within the world with over 5900 medium of sales. it’s well-known for creating high-end Swiss watches with advanced technology and innovation. Rado being the highest notch Swiss watch maker has received over twenty Elite awards. every of the timepieces from the brand’s collection is sturdy and delightful.

Rado is very specific with the designs. Targeting the choice of wide range of people it always bring varieties of  designs of Rado in the market.





G-SHOCK MTG, Innovative toughness with advanced technologies across every aspect, from materials and construction to features and design.

Durable, stylish stainless steel is combined with lightweight, rigid carbon fiber-reinforced resin. New construction combines different materials in the next evolution of the original MT-G metal case.

Next in line within the G-SHOCK Premium range is MT-G. Standing for ‘Metal Twister G-SHOCK’, the MT-G is a tough but luxurious timepiece taking shock resistant technology and transforming it into a stainless steel structure.

Dual Core Guard Structure Combining Metal and Carbon

Uses original G-Shock MT-G Metal Core Guard and latest reinforced Carbon Core Guard structure. A monocoque case made from carbon fiber-reinforced resin is inside a metal frame that joins the bezel and outer case, for a strong, well-sealed, lightweight construction.


Seperate bezel and outer case construction means each can be finished in different colors, conveying the solid feel of metal while allowing for a broader range of color..

The bezel is a piece that is separate from the metal frame, which enables greater coloring versatility. The elegantly attractive mirror finish of the exterior metal parts gives these watches their distinctive look. The elegance of these models is further enhanced by high-transparency sapphire crystals, as well as hour markers and inset dials that are precision engraved at the CASIO Yamagata Factory.

New lightweight metal models, with newly advanced shock-resistant structures, are the latest additions to the MT-G lineup that packs the latest that technology has to offer into shock-resistant designs that combine metal and resin materials.

A Carbon Core Guard structure combines with the Metal Core Card structure to create a new Dual Core Guard structure, which houses a module protected by an integrated carbon monocoque case and exterior metal parts. The New Layered Composite Bands of these models use hollow metal segments that encase fine resin parts, providing the elegant feel of metal along with weight that is 15% less than that of previous models. The metal frames have a new type of slide lever mechanism that makes band replacement quicker and simpler, and metal is also used for the outer case sides.

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Seiko Watch History

Seiko Watch History

Our Heritage

History of the only manufacture with every watchmaking expertise. The Seiko watch history began in 1881, when a 21 year old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, opened a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo.

Today, after more than 130 years of innovation, Kintaro Hattori’s company is
still dedicated to the perfection that the founder always strove to achieve.

On the following pages you can explore Seiko’s long history
and see many of our landmark watches.

Introduction of the world’s first multi-function digital watch cal. 0634.

In 1975 Seiko launched the world’s first digital quartz watch with a chronograph, the 0634. It could record time to 1/10 of a second and had a lap time function. It also incorporated an internal light, so that it could be seen clearly in the dark. It became a huge hit and created the market for high-function digital watches.

Introduced the world’s first TV Seiko watch.

The world’s first watch designed with both a tuner and headphone jack for watching TV at any time or place. Also equipped with an FM radio, together with all of the standard watch functions such as alarm, chronograph, and calendar.

Introduction of the world’s first analog quartz Seiko watch with chronograph.

Seiko’s mastery of quartz technology and of mechanical chronograph watchmaking came together in the creation of the world’s first analog quartz chronograph. It measured elapsed time to 5/100 second and offered split time capability and a tachymeter. It was designed by the celebrated Italian car designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro.


Introduction of the world’s first watch with computer functions UC-2000.

After introducing the world’s first TV watch, Seiko introduced a wrist computer that stored data. It was the first of its kind. It had memory of up to 2,000 characters and could store telephone numbers and addresses as well as a diary or schedule for up to one month. The Seiko wrist computer marked the beginning of the age of portable information devices.

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For nearly a century and a half, Longines has been crafting precision timepieces out of its workshop high in the Jura mountains designed to serve the needs of adventurers of all stripes. While the brand with the winged hourglass may be most strongly associated with aviation’s early pioneers, Longines has carved its own place in history across countless ventures where precision timing is critical to success. From motorsports to horse racing to alpine skiing, Longines been a crucial part of all these endeavors. When SCUBA diving rose to prominence in the 1950s and 60s, capturing the public’s imagination and ushering in an era of underwater exploration, Longines was once again in the thick of it, producing precision dive watches at home on the wrists of professional and recreational divers alike. The Longines Legend Diver was born from this era, and its newest incarnation doubles down on the vintage styling by reimagining the Legend Diver with a bronze case and deep-green gradient dial.

While the Legend Diver can trace its lineage back to skin divers produced by Longines in the 1950s, the modern incarnation of the line is based on an iconic reference from 1960, the Longines reference 7042. This period in the mid-century was an era of exploration and experimentation, and not just underwater but in watch construction and design, as well. The 7042 was no exception, featuring an oversized (42mm) super-compressor case, inner-rotating bezel, and luminous hands and markers. The super-compressor design is a clever bit of engineering, whereby increasing water pressure increases pressure on the seals — the deeper you go, the tighter the seal. The case design, internal bezel, and dual hash-marked crowns are hallmarks of this style, and these aesthetic cues are all embraced in the current line of Longines Legend Divers.

Since Longines reissued the reference 7042 in the Longines Legend Diver, the watch has become a staple in the brand’s Heritage line, and Longines has produced several iterations in different sizes and finishes. This newest model marks a major departure in both case material and dial color, yet the bronze case and gradient green dial are a natural, organic fit for the watch’s vintage styling. Bronze is an ideal case material for this throwback design, evoking the grandeur and mystique of the early days of skin diving. In addition, bronze allows for an intimate ownership experience, as the watch will naturally patina over time, creating natural shifts in hue and texture that make each watch one-of-a-kind, telling the story of your adventures. Of course, the patina can be easily cleaned off and removed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to reset the clock and tell a new story.

Despite the vintage styling, the bronze Longines Legend Diver doesn’t overlook practicality and modern accouterments. The original reference 7042 featured a Plexiglas crystal, but in the modern iteration, Longines has opted for a highly domed box sapphire crystal that combines the warmth and charm of Plexiglas with the scratch-resistance and clarity of sapphire. Though the case is bronze, the caseback is crafted from titanium and features a re-creation of the original deeply embossed spear diver. To ensure legibility, no matter the time of day or the depth of the dive, the hands and hour markers are coated with Super-LumiNova.

The dial of the bronze Longines Legend Diver retains the styling of the rest of the line, including an internally rotating bezel, Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12, and a distinctive and extremely legible handset. What truly sets this model apart is the deep emerald-green lacquered dial, which darkens to black toward the periphery. The dial is gorgeous; combined with the gilt hands and markers and framed by the bronze case, the effect is captivating and evocative of a bygone era.

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Seiko Prospex, Presage and Astron

Seiko Prospex, Presage and Astron

Discover Seiko Prospex, Presage and Astron at Linda & Co In-Store and Online.

Linda & Co is an Authorised dealer of Seiko

When Kintaro Hattori founded his company in 1881, he was just 21 years old. During his fifty years at the helm, Seiko became the leading watch company in Japan, with its own design and production facilities. This achievement was a direct result of his single-minded vision that Seiko should be “Always one step ahead of the rest”. His words resonate still and continue to inspire Seiko today. Throughout this year, Seiko will release a series of creations that embody the spirit of Kintaro’s words and honour the 140th anniversary of the founding of his company.

The celebrations start with a series of  Seiko Prospex, Presage and Astron watches inspired by the landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes of Japan.

The island of Iriomote in Okinawa Prefecture attracts divers from all over Japan and elsewhere.

Its abundant coral reefs teem with marine life but the island’s special charm lies in the primeval and pristine mangrove forests that surround it. Further, Iriomote is home to several species of flora and fauna that are rare and, in some instances, unique to the island. With its reefs, jungle, mangrove forests, beaches, rivers and waterfalls, Iriomote is an island of rich and varied beauty whose verdant nature is reflected in the deep green of the dials in this new series of timepieces.

The two mechanical watches in this Iriomote-inspired series are based on Seiko’s celebrated 1968 diver’s. One is a 300 meter water resistant, eight beat diver’s watch with a unique onepiece case structure. Suitable for saturation as well as air diving, it is made, assembled and adjusted by the skilled craftsmen and women of Shizukuishi and powered by Calibre 8L35, which was created especially for diver’s watches. The second mechanical watch is a contemporary reinvention of the 1968 original. It houses a six beat calibre and is 200 meter water resistant.
Both are offered as limited editions, of 3,000 and 6,000 respectively. The third watch in the series is a 200m solar chronograph. It, too, is a limited edition of 4,000. All three are presented on stainless steel bracelets but are also accompanied by an extra silicone strap. All three watches will be available in March at Seiko Boutiques and selected Seiko retailers worldwide.

A Presage Sharp Edged Series automatic watch, inspired by the Tokyo dawn.

Created in 2020, the Presage Sharp Edged Series combines flat surfaces with sharp angles that, together, allow the watch to sparkle wherever the light strikes. Like others in this series, this new creation has an Asanoha or hemp leaf pattern that has been used for a thousand years and more in Japanese fabrics. The gold color accents of the indexes and hands are set onto a black dial so as to be reminiscent of the sunlight that illuminates Tokyo in the early dawn. Whether on the stainless steel bracelet or the alternative black leather strap that is also included, this automatic Presage timepiece offers a very different, modern perspective on Japanese aesthetics. It is a limited edition of 4,000 and will be available in February at Seiko Boutiques and selected Seiko retailers worldwide.

Astron captures the beauty of cherry blossom by night.

The Japanese enchantment with cherry blossom extends far beyond the daylight hours. Yozakura is the name given to these ephemeral but beautiful flowers when, seen under a star-lit sky, they give an ethereal and magical glow to the space around them. With a black case and bracelet acting as the night sky, the purple dial with its pink hue captures the beauty of Yozakura. This subtly coloured dial becomes darker towards the six o’clock position, adding a mysterious depth and enhancing the illusion that it is a gentle spring evening in Japan. The case has the same curved silhouette and the same wide case lugs as the 1969 Quartz Astron and houses the latest and most advanced GPS Solar Dual-Time Calibre 5X53 which adjusts to the exact time anywhere* in the world, using just the power of light and offers both high speed time zone adjustment and time transfer functions. This unique Astron watch will be available as a limited edition of 1,500 at Seiko Boutiques and selected Seiko retailers worldwide in February 2021.

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Casio G-Shock New Release

Casio G-Shock New Release

Casio G-Shock new release in the market with new features enabled on them. These models have tried to bring renovation in the designs of G-Shock with ideas of outdoor fashion as well. These Models includes: Casio pro trek, EDIFICE Modern Sporty design, Casio Standard Digital and Casio G-SQUAD. Linda and Co Jewellers being an authorized seller of G-Shock, it is selling this product online and on store Australia wide.  Being always known for its  good customer service, Linda and Co is selling these  G-Shock watches in reasonable price with 3 years of warranty from G shock and additional two years of warranty for its valuable customer.  Some of the information on these models are as follows.

Casio Pro Trek: For the Pro Trek line up of serious outdoor gear watches, Casio G- shock has introduced the new Tough Solar and Triple Sensor PRG-240 model colours. It has the colour of Khaki and sand beige earth tone on stripes with orange and yellow front buttons for the perfect look for outdoor gear timepieces. The compass, barometric pressure/altitude, and temperature measurement functions, are powered by a Tough Solar system that keeps functions operating even with exposure to small amounts of light. Button guards encase the outside surfaces of the buttons with resin that prevents mis-operation.

 G Shock EDIFICE Modern Sporty design: In this edition, two modules have been launched with five new designs on each module. They are available in stainless steel band and even leather band as well. G- Shock has introduced the sporty design with features of measuring Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times in this model.

Casio G-Shock Standard Digital :Since G-Shock has always launched its product on the basis of desire of users, Casio has introduced the digital watches with different color variations and attractive dials focusing on the trends going in market. These watches have the features of water resistance up to 50 meters, daily alarm, LED backlight and 1/100- second stopwatch. They are also available in two different modules with slight variation in features.

Casio G-SQUAD: New colours for the G-SHOCK line up of GBD-100 sports watches have been introduced. In this model, Black and white base colouring is combined with vivid light collecting resin and semitransparent resin for a dazzling design that contributes to the enjoyment of a wide range of activities.Function-wise, these models feature Bluetooth technology to allow access to a smartphone’s GPS for quicker calibration of distance measurements. Once calibration is done, the watch is able to perform more accurate running distance measurements, even when it is no longer connected to the phone. The displays of these watches use a high-definition MIP LCD and super Illuminator face illumination which makes it easy to read at dark as well.

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Why the Seiko Brand has been on the radar

Why the Seiko Brand has been on the radar

The SEIKO brand , you’ve heard of the brand and you know of someone that owns one or you personally own in your collection – In recent years we have seen an increase of Limited Edition Watches released from Japan some more rarer than others from collaborations to anniversary editions to commemorate the history of Seiko , some of the models could be a good investment…

Seiko started out in Japan in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori with a small watch shop. Now, it is a global leader in watch industry.

Play the latest video to learn more about the founder Kintaro Hattori 160th anniversary commemorative film

The brand has one of the most diverse ranges of watch collections in the market, from Seiko 5‘s , Prospex , Coutura, Presage , Limited Edition and recent Collaborations such Street Fighter and Seiko Naruto & Naruto and we cant miss one of the most fasted growing brands the high-end Grand Seikos . We say they have watch for everyone, one of the most accessible brands no matter how deep your pockets are.

With the recent growth of the brand , we  have seen an expansion of Seiko boutiques across the world. But there are some things that Seiko likes to keep for its local customers and we hear this quite often JDM’s or in plain words for those just starting to learn about watches Japanese Domestic Market Models.  Unfortunately these models are not available to order from any Authorised Dealer but the models which have been released in Australia, have created a storm with demand exceed expectations during the Covid retail environment

To view one of the largest Watch Collections in Australia, visit Linda and Co Jewellers ( Premium Authorised Dealer) located in Rhodes – Broadway and Macquarie Shopping Centers in Sydney.  The Linda and Co and Seiko Australia History Spans over 30 Years.

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