SEVENFRIDAY : A Leap of Faith

SEVENFRIDAY : A Leap of Faith

SEVENFRIDAY was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2012 by Dan Niederer and Arnaud Duval. SevenFriday watches make a real statement with their unique and iconic designs. Niederer believes that a quality watch can be aesthetically top of the range but at an affordable price.

Founder Dan Niederer calls the decision to start SEVENFRIDAY “stupidity” with a hint of ‘’midlife crisis’’ and a strong desire of not being able to work with anymore that allowed him to realize his dreams

After realizing working for others was not for him. He decided to carve his own path and decided to  take a leap of faith to create a new brand. With co-founder and designer Arnaud Duval, work on the project started in 2008/2009 while Niederer was living in Bangkok. In 2012, when he moved back to Switzerland, SEVENFRIDAY became his full-time activity. The first SEVENFRIDAY sold in July of the same year.

SEVENFRIDAY watch collections are pretty unique. The squared-off watch cases and intricate dial designs are instantly recognizable. They showcase a balanced combination of industrial design and originality.

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