Seiko Watch History

Seiko Watch History

Our Heritage

History of the only manufacture with every watchmaking expertise. The Seiko watch history began in 1881, when a 21 year old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, opened a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo.

Today, after more than 130 years of innovation, Kintaro Hattori’s company is
still dedicated to the perfection that the founder always strove to achieve.

On the following pages you can explore Seiko’s long history
and see many of our landmark watches.

Introduction of the world’s first multi-function digital watch cal. 0634.

In 1975 Seiko launched the world’s first digital quartz watch with a chronograph, the 0634. It could record time to 1/10 of a second and had a lap time function. It also incorporated an internal light, so that it could be seen clearly in the dark. It became a huge hit and created the market for high-function digital watches.

Introduced the world’s first TV Seiko watch.

The world’s first watch designed with both a tuner and headphone jack for watching TV at any time or place. Also equipped with an FM radio, together with all of the standard watch functions such as alarm, chronograph, and calendar.

Introduction of the world’s first analog quartz Seiko watch with chronograph.

Seiko’s mastery of quartz technology and of mechanical chronograph watchmaking came together in the creation of the world’s first analog quartz chronograph. It measured elapsed time to 5/100 second and offered split time capability and a tachymeter. It was designed by the celebrated Italian car designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro.


Introduction of the world’s first watch with computer functions UC-2000.

After introducing the world’s first TV watch, Seiko introduced a wrist computer that stored data. It was the first of its kind. It had memory of up to 2,000 characters and could store telephone numbers and addresses as well as a diary or schedule for up to one month. The Seiko wrist computer marked the beginning of the age of portable information devices.

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Why the Seiko Brand has been on the radar

Why the Seiko Brand has been on the radar

The SEIKO brand , you’ve heard of the brand and you know of someone that owns one or you personally own in your collection – In recent years we have seen an increase of Limited Edition Watches released from Japan some more rarer than others from collaborations to anniversary editions to commemorate the history of Seiko , some of the models could be a good investment…

Seiko started out in Japan in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori with a small watch shop. Now, it is a global leader in watch industry.

Play the latest video to learn more about the founder Kintaro Hattori 160th anniversary commemorative film

The brand has one of the most diverse ranges of watch collections in the market, from Seiko 5‘s , Prospex , Coutura, Presage , Limited Edition and recent Collaborations such Street Fighter and Seiko Naruto & Naruto and we cant miss one of the most fasted growing brands the high-end Grand Seikos . We say they have watch for everyone, one of the most accessible brands no matter how deep your pockets are.

With the recent growth of the brand , we  have seen an expansion of Seiko boutiques across the world. But there are some things that Seiko likes to keep for its local customers and we hear this quite often JDM’s or in plain words for those just starting to learn about watches Japanese Domestic Market Models.  Unfortunately these models are not available to order from any Authorised Dealer but the models which have been released in Australia, have created a storm with demand exceed expectations during the Covid retail environment

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