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Tissot Watch Repairs

Watch Repairs

Our watch repairs department provides an extensive range of services which include : –

Watch Repairs

– Service & overhaul
– Dial Restoration
– Case / Band Polish and Clean (Remove Scratches)
– Standard & Sapphire Glass replacement ( Hand Cut if size not available)
– Water Resistance test ( We use the latest Computerised Pressure Testing equipment ) includes report / Seal replacements
– Crown & Stem repairs
– Circuit Repairs
– New Movements
– Mechanical Timing Adjustment
– Watch Band Replacement – Genuine Leather & Metal bands available
– Watch Battery Replacement, we provide a 1 year guarantee on all our batteries

Our watch repair department specialise in all timepieces
Mechanical / Automatic watches,
Quartz watches ,
Pocket Watches,
antique watches.

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Tissot Watch Repairs Sydney

Swiss watches are among the finest quality watches in the world. However, few luxury Swiss watch brands have the appeal, adoration and affordability of Tissot. Any Tissot watch wearer will attest that the piece is among their favourite and most frequently worn jewellery items.

After all, a key attraction of Tissot watches is that they are designed to be just as perfect a fit for everyday wear as evening wear. What happens if your beloved Tissot watch is broken or damaged though?

What if it becomes cracked or scratched, or begins to show signs of wear and tear? What if it loses its brilliant shine and loses its appeal? Don’t worry, whatever happens your Tissot watch, it can be quickly restored to full health.

Most Trusted Tissot Watch Repair Experts

Linda & Co. Jewellers are your go-to store for the best Tissot watch repairs Sydney wide. In business since 1980, our jewellery store have long been stockists of the prestigious Tissot brand and we have become experts in repairing, recovering and restoring all models and styles from the Tissot range.

Even if you feel your watch is cracked beyond repair, the strap has completely worn out or the circuit has finally failed, there is a way back to your wrist for your favourite Tissot watch.

In providing the best Tissot watch repair Sydney wide, we offer a vast array of repair services including:

  • Watch servicing – we can inspect and assess your watch for any issues, restore its aesthetic appearance and address any mechanical requirements.
  • Dial restoration – when the dial on your Tissot watch begins to fade or becomes scratched or damaged, drop the piece into our team and we will soon have it completely restored.
  • Polish and Clean – relive that brilliant new watch shine with a deep professional clean from our expert jewellers.
  • Glass face replacement – we can replace the glass face of any Tissot watch.
  • Water resistance testing – we can test the resistance of your Tissot watch and replace any water resistant features that have begun to falter.
  • Crown and stem repair – the most delicate parts of your watch are the most frequently damaged but can be easily repaired by our team.
  • Watch circuit board replacement.
  • Timing adjustments – if you experience a delay in the movement of watch hands, we can make the necessary adjustments to instantly resolve the inaccurate timing movements.
  • Watch band replacement.
  • Watch battery replacement, complete with one-year battery guarantee.

Tissot Watch Repairs in Sydney at Linda & Co Designer Jewellers

Tissot watches are among the most reliable ones around. Nevertheless, they can occasionally go wrong and keeping them in peak condition is the best way to prevent problems.

Avoiding Tissot Watch Repairs in Sydney by Regular Servicing

Tissot recommends that its watches are serviced every three to five years to ensure they keep operating as they should do. This means the watches are kept lubricated to protect delicate mechanisms and worn parts are replaced.

You should also have the watch looked at if it gains or loses time, or certain functions cease to operate properly, since this may indicate that more than just a battery replacement is needed.

We can carry out full diagnostics on your watch to identify a particular problem and can undertake the necessary work to fix it. For a full service, we:

  • remove and clean the strap or bracelet
  • remove and polish the case to restore it to an ‘as new’ condition
  • disassemble the movement, replace all worn parts and clean all the others
  • replace the seal if necessary
  • reassemble the complete watch and test for water resistance
  • check the accuracy of the timing
  • return the watch to you with a renewed guarantee.

Your watch is a very complex device comprised of many small and delicate components. It is expected to work for 24 hours a day, all the year round and keep perfect time with all functions working properly.

It can, however, only continue to do that if you look after it properly. So, at the very least, make sure you have it serviced regularly at a Tissot watch repair outlet.

How We Provide the Best Tissot Watch Repairs in Sydney

At Linda and Co., we only use Tissot-approved technicians who are experienced and sufficiently knowledgeable to carry out any Tissot watch repair.

They know how important your watch is to you and so are determined to deliver it back to you in perfect condition — looking and operating just as it did when you first bought it.

We stock a wide range of genuine Tissot components and spare parts so we can carry out all services and repairs quickly, efficiently and with no delays.

To ensure this is the case, we also use the best specialist watch repair equipment and have an extensive range of replacement straps and bracelets as well as seals and batteries.

Our extensive and exhaustive quality control procedures ensure all watches that leave our premises are in fully working order and with no blemishes.

And we’re fully insured so you can rest assured your watch is in good hands while undergoing Tissot watch repair in Sydney.

Need a Repair to Your Tissot Watch ? Get in Touch With Us Today

Never assume your watch is beyond repair. We’re the leading experts in Tissot watch repair in Sydney and are here to offer expert advice and assistance. Feel free to drop into our store with your watch for an assessment.

Our Tissot watch repair specialists can assess the damage and advised on the most efficient and effective repairs as well as estimated cost of repair.

Linda & Co Designer Jewellers are well known for great collection of Swiss Watches, Longines Watches, Tissot Watches & many more brands at discounted prices. We also offer Jewellery Valuations & Watch Repair services in Sydney. For price quotation contact us online or visit one of our branches in store.

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Please click below to download the Watch repair quotation request form,print and fill out the details and place inside your parcel with your watch and post out or visit one of our branches in store with your form.

Watch Repair Form